Peace of Mind

James Macfarlane and Harry Bond have recently launched our new company, Macfarlane Bond Associates (MBA Concierge). We have undergone the demanding, emotionally taxing experience of managing the financial, legal and numerous everyday struggles that confront individuals, families, and or overburdened loved ones. We have encountered the unexpected and unconscionable ways that vulnerable individuals are taken advantage of by the very people entrusted with assisting them.

Our personal and professional experience has taught us the necessity of having dependable and accountable resources available to help families plan, coordinate, and organize the details of their lives. Macfarlane Bond Associates (MBA) provides a simple and accessible support system, working with individuals and families to assist with everything from routine functions like collecting mail and paying bills to expense budgeting, organizing for tax purposes, filing claims, and supervising house and grounds when clients are away.

Over the course of our professional careers, we’ve become well-known, trusted figures in the Baltimore community. Through our experience as volunteers, caregivers for family, and as professionals with a high level of attention to customer needs, we’ve discovered our capabilities and passion for helping people manage the complexities of modern-day life and estate planning.

We have developed effective tools and methods for streamlining the process thanks to our extensive experience in financial services, family business administration, and service-oriented client relations. Principal among these tools is the Life Essentials Binder that we’ve created, which serves as a centralized resource for families to manage their assets, obligations and plans – helping to save money and reduce heartache and stress.

The relationships we’ve cultivated over the years are vital to us and will continue to be as we seek families and individuals in need of our help. We hope you’ll share our website and follow us on Facebook.


“They combine a lot of common sense and experience with homes and systems, as well as important knowledge about personal finances and navigating life’s stages.


“James and Harry are extended family now and my mom looks forward to their visit



Getting Started

James Macfarlane or Harry Bond will meet with you and or your advisor to analyze your personal or household management needs.

We will prepare a personal profile for you. This comprehensive record will detail important facts about your personal and household affairs. The personal profile becomes your property and will provide MBA with insight on how best to respond to your needs. MBA will schedule regular visits in your home to handle monthly or weekly details.